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PSFA helping fund cool programs in the Methow Valley School District, WA State
  --- Please consider a donation to PSFA to support all the awesome programs we are funding in Methow Valley public schools. ---  

Mission Statement: Public School Funding Alliance, through community donations, enriches the learning environment for all Methow Valley public school students so that every student has equal access to a high quality education.

Community donations to Public School Funding Alliance support creative new programs and imaginative classroom materials that enrich our studentsí public school experience. Since 2003, community support has funded more than $665,000 in programs and materials. This infusion of funds literally doubles the money available for enrichment in our school district.

Twenty-seven Methow Valley Chinese 1, 2 and 3 students just returned from a two day trip funded by PSFA, Methow Arts and the MV School District. The trip included a martial arts workshop and demonstration at the Northwest Wushu Center in China Town (International District) in Seattle. The teacher and his partner performed a Lion Dance for the kids then led them through some exercises in the traditional art of Wushu. The kids also attended Chinese Immersion Day on Fox Island. The workshops there included traditional calligraphy, traditional papercutting, and historically-significant terra cotta warrior model making. All photos by Wendy Sims.
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